Selection of analogues and optimization of the element base

Selection of analogues and optimization of the element base

Many years of experience in the analysis and successful implementation of various projects allows engineers of our company to see both the whole design idea as a whole and by nodes. Even at the alpha stage, we can already provide advice on how to make the author’s idea best suited to the modern realities of component supply, what steps should be taken to ensure that the final version of the product is adapted to the needs of mass production and balance between price and number of components on the board.

In today’s world, where the factor of competition puts pressure on everyone, the final cost of the product becomes the most important criterion in the development of any electronic product. The development engineer should consider cost as the dominant criterion and analyze all possible replacements to achieve the best value for money and performance of their product.

The importance of this analysis is emphasized by the fact that approximately 60% of the production cost is determined at the first iterations of the design process, when only 35% of the total development costs were spent.

Typically, such analysis can sometimes significantly reduce the cost of the product, which is important both during the production of prototypes and during the mass production of modern electronic products.