Development and design of printed circuit boards

Development and design of printed circuit boards

PCB design is the second step on the way from the idea of ​​the device to its first layout. The first step is to design an electrical circuit, which you can also order from our company. If the electrical circuit of your device is ready, our specialists will conduct a comprehensive analysis before starting the design and tracing of the printed circuit board.

In our work on the design of the printed circuit board, we take into account not only the requirements of IPC standards, but also the criteria of DFM/DFA/DFT. This is important when moving from layout through test to mass production. Adherence to the requirements and recommendations for the design of modern electronic devices can reduce the cost of the product even “on the monitor”.

According to your Terms of Reference, our engineers will design for you:

After agreeing on the final version of the trace and the appearance of the printed circuit board, it is possible to produce both a prototype and a pilot batch of products for their comprehensive testing by both the customer and potential customers.