Design of body and mechanical parts

Design of body and mechanical parts

The body is a basic detail at which designing it is necessary to consider requirements of durability, rigidity, tightness, and nowadays also aesthetics of appearance. For more than ten years we have been designing, manufacturing housings to order and finishing standard plastic or metal housings according to customer requirements.

Our products are used in banking, retail, road transport, communications and many other areas. The reliability of our developments has been proven by tens of thousands of products operated in different climatic conditions of many countries.

Our team has achieved these results due to its meticulous attitude to its own work at all stages:

We implement most of these stages in-house, which is equipped with a variety of turn-milling machines, 3D printers (including the only in Ukraine printer Fortus 400 from Stratasys) machines for pad printing and a machine for vertical injection molding. We work with such materials as ABS, Nylon, ULTEM, polycarbonate.