SMC assembly

SMC assembly

The direction of surface mounting is an integral part of the daily production activities of “Discovi Systemy” Research and Production Enterprise LLC. The continuous seventeen-year evolution of this department allows us to say with confidence that we are familiar with the surface mounting of all types of modern radio element housings. Our technological capabilities start with chip elements of 03015 size, cover any size of BTC, LGA, BGA housings and end with large components with dimensions up to 100×55 mm and height up to 28 mm. The maximum dimensions of the board that we can mount for you are 500×490 mm, the minimum dimensions of the boards are unlimited. The ability to work with certain types of components using the press-fit technology should be separately noted, because the capabilities of our machines allow you to press the components with a force of 30 N.

Our production works with all modern types of radio elements packaging: paper tape, plastic tape (up to 56 mm wide or 72 ??), plastic trays and sticks (cases). But despite all this, there are also technological requirements regarding the stock of components and the quality of packaging.

Components placed in 8 mm wide plastic or paper tape must have a technological stock of 50 components and a free start of the tape. If the tape does not have a factory component-free end (cut near the component), it is desirable to increase the stock to 100 components. Also, the tape should not be twisted or bent – potentially leading to problems with the free feed of the tape in the feeder, which results in unexpected component losses (additional losses, accidental losses, unplanned losses?). The tape must be spooled on the original coil with factory markings or with supplier markings. Quite similar requirements are for wider tapes (12 mm, 16 mm, 24 mm, 32 mm, 44 mm, 56 mm), sticks and trays, but here the technological stock is chosen based on common sense and is a few pieces of each name.

The basic consumables we use in the production are lead-free solder paste and tubular solder with fluxes, the remnants of which do not require washing. At the request of the client it is possible to use lead consumables with the subsequent washing of the remains of fluxes. In our work we use the consumables of the world’s leading manufacturers: Kester, Qualitek and MacDermid Alpha.

Special mention should be made of the technology of soldering in a vapor-phase environment, which we introduced in production in 2018 and still remain the only company in Ukraine that can offer such a service to its customers.

The main advantages of this technology: