Output mounting (Mounting components in holes)

Output mounting (Mounting components in holes)

Despite the fact that the percentage of planar components in modern electronics is growing quite rapidly, the number of components mounted in the holes still remains significant. Every day we solder thousands and tens of thousands of components for our customers. To do this, we use two ways.

The first is the classic technology of manual assembly using high-quality tubular solder manufactured by Kester and Qualitek and manual soldering stations manufactured by Kurtz Ersa.

The second way is the technology of selective soldering. In 2013, we became the first domestic company to introduce this process in Ukraine. Currently, the selective soldering section consists of three machines manufactured by the German company EBSO Gmbh and a number of different machines for trimming and forming terminals (?) of radial and axial elements. The soldering process takes place in a high purity nitrogen environment (99.995%), which allows to avoid excessive oxidation of the soldered joint and reduces the surface tension of the solder.

For the process of selective soldering, we use consumables manufactured by MacDermid Alpha.

Technological capabilities of the process: