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Contract manufacturing

Our company is engaged in contract manufacturing since 1999. We are well aware of the importance of our role in your production chain, and we believe that long-term partnership will lead to our mutual benefit, becoming an important part of your success. Our main strategy is to take care of the whole production cycle of your product. In fact, in today’s world of electronics a developer doesn’t have to design the product, but rather to create an idea and bring it to the manufacturer. The professional contract manufacturer has the structure of the required number of departments, experts and other resources required to transform an idea into a finished serial product.

Contract manufacturing service list :

  • Electronic circuits design
  • Selection of analogues and optimization of the element base
  • Design and development of printed circuit boards
  • Technological planning of serial manufacturing
  • Prototyping
  • Software Development
  • Manufacturing of printed circuit boards
  • Making patterns
  • Delivery of electronic components
  • SMD mounting
  • Through-hole mounting
  • Broaching bit and testing of mounted units
  • Application of protective covering
  • Manufacturing of cable and connecting products
  • Manufacturing of cable and coDesigning of case and mechanical partsnecting products
  • 3D drafting of product models
  • Prototyping, manufacturing and delivery of ready-assembled cases
  • Milling and lathe works
  • Production of packages
  • Final assembly and packaging of products
  • Organization of testing and certification of products
  • Skin-packaging or vacuum packaging of products
  • Worldwide delivery
Our experience in contract manufacturing and sequence in the implementation of global manufacturing processes, as well as complex personal services, create unique solution to meet your production needs.
You can trust us with the processes related to your intellectual property, because our strategy is to achieve joint success in the field of electronic technology, and not in the development of our own brand.

Benefits of our contract manufacturing :

  • Product Quality Improvement
  • Production cost reducing
  • Reducing of costs, save of resources and their use for other purposes
  • Financing of production
  • Focusing on the most promising business processes (for example, development of new models or marketing).
  • Ensuring a high level of manufacturing efficiency
  • Acceleration of the new models output to the market
  • Access to the world's best technologies
  • Technical support and assistance for new developments
Cooperation with us it’s not just a way to use resources more efficiently and increase their competitiveness, but also an urgent need for developers to solve most of the manufacturing problems.
Certificate of quality management system corresponds to the International standard of ISO 9001 Certification.